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IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommets for Keystone couplers & circular connectors

Perfect integration into the split icotek cable entry frames
High protection class: up to IP65
At a high cable density only one cut-out is necessary.

The new modular adapter system IMAS-CONNECT™ is a consistently modular designed grommet system for mounting circular connectors, Keystone jacks, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more.

AT-KS: snap-in assembly of more than 70 different Keystone jacks
AT-M/AT-K-M: perfect for signal, data, power and hybrid connectors as well as pneumatic bulkhead connectors

By utilising the modular adapter system, the cable entry frame becomes a hybrid system. Pre-terminated and standard cables or hoses can be routed and at the same time the system serves as an interface for connectors.

The grommets, made of elastomer with a polyamide body, fit perfectly into the split icotek cable entry frames, like e.g. KEL-U, KEL-ER, KEL-FG and meet the protection classes IP54 to IP65.

Large grommets for KEL-QUICK with flexible clamping range up to 3 mm

Enable routing of pre-terminated cables
For the first time large cables with clamping ranges up to 23 mm can be routed with KEL-QUICK systems
Only 4 grommets cover a clamping range from 14 to 23 mm
Innovative wave cut for a better sealing
Innovative membrane for high flexibility

The new QTMB is used to route pre-terminated cables into the KEL-QUICK system.

The innovative membrane enables the routing of cables with diamters that can vary up to 3 mm.

For the first time, utilising the QTMB, even large cables with cable diameters from 14 to 23 mm can be routed.

Single cable entry plates with peelable membrane rings for cable diameters from 5 to 36 mm

For wall thickness 1.5 – 4 mm
It is possible to install rigid cables at angles
Perfect edge protection and sealing (IP65)
Circular membranes can be peeled off easily
Large clamping range
Fast and easy assembly, no tools required
Suitable for metric cut-outs

With the KEL-SCDP cable entry grommet, single cables, hoses, and conduits can be routed and sealed at a rating of IP65. Its unique advantage is the large sealing range. The single circular membrane can be peeled away to accommodate the specific diameter of the cable or hose. For this purpose, only a small hole between the rings needs to be pierced. Then the corresponding ring can be removed. The peeled-off area is always round, ensuring a secure seal around cable/hose.

Another advantage is the high mounting flexibility. The KEL-SCDP can simply be plugged into cut-outs with wall thicknesses from 1.5 to 4.0 mm.

The version KEL-SCDP-RW is approved for the use in the railway technology in accordance with EN45545-2 HL3.

Smart EMC connection combined with existing cable clamp

Space-saving assembly, no tools required
Shield contact and strain relief separated
For mounting on all standard C-rails (16-17 mm)
High vibration resistance
Large clamping range from 3 to 30 mm
Large shielding contact area

With the LFC cable shield clamp the cable shield is directly contacted at the C-rail. Your existing cable clamp can still be used for strain relief.

The shield clamps SKL / MSKL are easy to use and effective in earthing single cable shields.

Split EMC cable gland with double sealing

Perfect for already pre-terminated cables. The connector does not have to be removed for wiring
Both conducted and field-bound disturbances can be reliably diverted
Contacting the cable shield over 360°
EMC grommets made entirely from conductive elastomer
Very good shielding effect with regard to EMC tightness
Integrated strain relief
Very attractive and scratch-resistant surface

The split cable gland EMC-KVT-DS is based on the standard icotek KVT product. However, the EMC-KVT-DS has been metallised (galvanise coated) to create a conductive surface.

The first cable grommet (KT small) is used for strain relief and cable sealing on the cable jacket. The second grommet (EMC-KT small) contacts the cable shield at a full 360 degrees.

EMC shield clamps with double strain relief - compliant with the PROFINET installation guidelines

Integrated double strain relief function acc. to PROFINET installation guidelines
Space-saving design, even when fully assembled
Large cable shield contact area
Easy assembly
The spring design requires no adjustments and will permanently maintain contact to the cable shield
Shock and vibration resistant, maintenance free
Large clamping areas

The new EMC cable clamps are an ideal solution for the reliable earthing of cable shields including a double strain relief. The cables are strain relieved above and below the shield connection. Thus, the cable shield is not used for strain relief and therefore not damaged – as recommended by the PROFINET installation guidelines.

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